A warm welcome to our renewed church to all who would like to meet the crucified Jesus Christ, who is here with us under the Eucharist. Cardinal Mindszenty's words are strengthening us in our faith: „This Church is the heart of the country, having preserved this noble role all through the course of history. At Mary's feet, in this church, lies the whole Hungarian history, with all its shine and dull, bright and bitter cold, joy and sorrow, virtue and evil, zenith or turmoil." We all come here to learn how to pray.

László Süllei
Order of Services
  • Holy Masses

    On weekdays:

    6.00 Rorate (on Advent weekdays only)
    7.00 (silent)
    18.00 (with organ)

    On Sunday:

    7.00 (silent)
    8.30 (with organ)
    10.00 (in Latin, with music)
    12.00 (with organ)
    18.00 (with guitar)

  • Confession

    On weekdays:

    on special request

    On Sunday:

    during all holy masses

  • Evening prayer

    Every Wednesday evening, in Loreto Chapel (following the holy mass)

  • Litanies

    17:30 on the first Friday, as well as all Saturday and Sunday evenings
    17.30 every day in May

  • Rosary

    17.30 every Thursday
    17.00  every first Saturday, in the framework of the Fatima prayer-meetings
    17.30    every day in October

  • Passion

    17.00 Good Friday
    15.00 Lent Fridays