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Couples should apply for a wedding ceremony at least 3 months prior to the event. In case one of the parties has essential shortcomings in the theory or practice of the Catholic faith (no regular worship, did not attend religious education, did  not receive the Holy Communion, or is not baptized), it is advisable to make an appointment 4-6 months before the planned date of wedding to discuss and agree on the details so that there should be sufficient time for the preparation of the couple to be wedded. This preparation for the engaged couple consists of 4 occasions and begins on set dates, which also explains why it is important to apply in due course.
- both parties should be single (free), i. e. not living in a valid marriage
- at least one of them should be Catholic
- having suitable preparation, i. e. having participated in a course for engaged couples, while the Catholic party is expected to have suitable previous preparation, knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church, regular worship, Holy Communion and confirmation. 

Documents required:
- Certificate of  Baptism, which was issued not more than 3 months earlier. This can be obtained at the place of having been baptized.
- Permission from the parish of the fiancée's place of living (in case of mixed religion, from the place of living of the Catholic party) for a wedding ceremony in the Principal Parish ofBudavár Nagyboldogasszony (The Church of Our Lady of Buda Castle). When receiving the so-called discharge-paper, it may be necessary to produce the new certificate of baptism. (If, however, the baptism took place at the discharging parish, it is not required to ask for a discharge-paper. Then, they will  simply indicate on the certificate of baptism that the wedding is permitted in Matthias Church.
With wedding organisers we only make arrangements about the date and time of the wedding ceremony. All the other details of the event are settled personally with the couple.
We are pleased to help look up the address or phone number of the competent parish. 

Data sheet for wedding

Rector's Office 

The official matters of the Principal Parish of Budavár Nagyboldogasszony (The Church of Our Lady of Buda Castle) can be arranged in the Rector's Office, during office hours, at 14. Országház utca, 1014. Budapest.

The office hours are: 10h-14h on Monday and Thursday, 13h-17h on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We kindly request that you report to the office in person, when dealing with matters related to priests. In matters of baptism, or when enrolling a child for religious education, the parent should report, in connection with a funeral, it should be the closest relative, while concerning wedding arrangements, the young couple themselves should present themselves.

We are not in the position to deal with relatives or event-organising agencies in merit.

Area of Our Parish

All members of the baptized congregation living on the territory of the parish belong to the Principal Parish of  Budavár Nagyboldogasszony. This is the area bordered by the Buda Castle Wall, Lovas út, Palota út and Mátray utca.