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Welcome to the website of Matthias Church.

The website is operated by the Caretaking Office of Matthias Church, further on „Caretaking Office” (Headquarters: 14. Országház utca, 1014. Budapest), who are committed to operating the
website according to the regulations of Act CXII. 2011. (Infotv.) on the autonomy of information right, as well as on the freedom of information. The present Declaration has also been produced  with the aim to fully comply with the legal regulations. The Caretaking Office reserve the right to occasionally modify the Declaration. The effective version is available on the website and also at the headquarters of the Caretaking Office. With this in regard, we suggest that you should visit  here from time to time in order to check the latest version of the present Declaration. The time of the updating is always indicated in the Declaration.
Should a question arise in connection with any of the regulations included in the present Declaration, please,  indicate this by email to , or in a letter sent by post to the headquarters of  the Caretaking Office, and we will provide you with the answer in the shortest possible time.
1.Legal ground for handling the occasionally collected personal data
The Caretaking Office collects only certain types of personal data. If you wish to be sent newsletters, at the resistration you have to provide your first name, family name and email address. In case of  an online purchase, you are obliged to enter your first name, family name, birth date, as well as your address and electronic mailing address.
For want of any different regulation in the present Declaration, the providing of personal data is voluntary, with the legal ground for data handling being your consent, as the owner of the data, in accordance with point a) in Paragraph 1. of Infotv. 5. Beyond this, the personal data given by you will be handled in accordance with Paragraph 13./A. of  Act CVIII. 2011, on certain issues of electronic commercial services, or any other services related to the information society.
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church guarantees – for want of any different regulation in the present Declaration, or without legal authorization, that the personal data provided should not be transferred to any third party. However, the Caretaking Office is entitled to deliver the personal details on request of the court of justice, or other authority. Inasmuch as, no such request occurs, within 30 (thirty) days of the request to disregard the deletion,  the personal data shall be deleted.
In cases of transferring data, the Caretaking Office shall put down, in an offical report, the reason and time of  revealing the data, as well as keeping a record on the data transfer, as required by the law.   
2.Responsibility, links, connection with other websites
The Caretaking Office cannot be held responsible for any possible damage,loss or extra expense arising from the use of the website, or, if the website is unsuitable for use, it does not operate properly, or has broken down. Likewise, no responsibility is accepted for any damage arising from the unauthorized change of the data by anybody, or, if the damage is caused by a delay in the information transmission, computer virus, line- or system failure, or by any other similar reason.
Certain parts of the website contain the material of other service providers, or the materials of other providers can be accessed directly through the link appearing on our website. For these, the Caretaking Office of Matthias Church shall not take the responsibility.
The link referring to http.// can only be produced with the previous written consent of the Caretaking Office of Matthias Church. A link on our website referring to a link on a different site, does not mean the granting of the above consent. The Caretaking Office are not responsible for any link on the site of a third party referring to http //, not for the opinions, suggestions, or any information to be found there. The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church definitely exclude their liability for any information to be found on the site of a third person, rejecting even having any connection to it.
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information on the website should be precise at the time of loading. Even in spite of this fact, however, the Caretaking Office shall not take the responsibility for the information on the website  being complete and precise, thus, these contents are simply of informatory nature. The Caretaking Office preserve the right  to limit or discontinue the right of access to the website, at any time, without previous notice or explanation.
3.  Intellectual products
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church is the owner and authorized user of all texts, graphics, photos, audio- or video materials, data systems and structures to be found on the website.
Should you find any content on the website infringing the lawful rights, we request that you report this in writing to the  address, as soon as possible.
4. Rights related to personal data
The person concerned can ask for information related to their personal data handled by the Caretaking Office of Matthias Church, at any time. Furthermore, they can request, at any time, the correction, stopping, or deletion of their personal details.
Disregarding the cases of obligatory data handling, the person concerned can protest, at any time, against  his or her personal data being handled, as handling or transferring data can solely be performed  by the Caretaking Office, when it is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation related to data handling, acting as a data receiver, or, when the procedure is required to enforce the lawful interests of a third party, or in other similar cases defined by the law.
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church will examine the protest of the person affected, within 15 days, at the latest, of the complaint having been submitted. If the person concerned does not agree with the decision taken in connection with the protest,  he can take legal proceedings against the Caretaking Office, within 30 days from the date of delivery. In case of the supposed violation of the  rights of the person concerned, he can turn to the Authority of the National Data Protection and Information Freedom (22/C. Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, 1024. Budapest), or to the court of justice, against the Caretaking Office of Matthias Church.
The person concerned can practise his right related to the information, correction, deletion, or closure of  personal data, as well as the right to protest, by contacting us at the address of the
Caretaking Office (14. Országház utca, 1014. Budapest), or by email, at
5.Cookies and spams
„Cookies” are small files delivered by a website to the hard disc of the user's computer, for the purpose of storing data. Cookies enable the website to remember important information that can make the use of the site more convenient. Like most websites, this one too, uses the cookies for various purposes in order to enhance the online experience. For example, the number of visitors to the site can be tracked, by means of totalizing  them anonymously, without the names. The cookies  enable the website to recognize when you return there, recording what items you have got in your basket or cart, when doing your shopping online. We also handle the data related to various contests or lottery prize draws in order to help you, by adjusting our services to your personal demands. In such cases, we may attach personal data to the „cookies” file. You are advised to use the feature offered by the web browser, if you do not wish to receive any cookies, or, if you would like to set the web browser to warn you about receiving a cookie. Click on the „Help” menu, if you want to learn more about the possibilities of setting cookies. However, if you disable all cookies, the result may be that you won't be able to take advantage of all the features offered by the website.
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church definitely reject the practice of  so-called „spams”, i.e unsolicited letters. Thus, The Caretaking Office will never send you any unrequested letters or notifications. Should you still receive such messages, please, report this to our email address, so that The Caretaking Office could take the necessary measures.
Thank you for your time and attention.
The Caretaking Office of Matthias Church
wish you an exciting and enjoyable browsing!