On-line purchase of entry tickets to the Church

By clicking on the menu point „Visitors”, you can get information about ticket prices, concessions.
You can even book your on-line ticket to the church. When clicking on the  icon, the choice of entry tickets will appear, with the required number of tickets, together with a „basket”, in which the ordered tickets will be put.

Following the selection of tickets, the ordered tickets will appear under the sign „Orders”.

When you have finished the purchase, click on the button „Further”, under the ordered tickets.

When clicking, a data sheet will appear, asking for your personal details and the time of your church visit. You will need to give the „Time of your arrival”, too.

If you have filled in all the data fields correctly, by clicking on the „Next” button, you can check the details you provided. Then, by clicking on „Order”, you will reach the payment site of the bank, where, you can pay for the entry tickets with your bank card.